Weekly Kids Activity and Lesson Highlights for Jubilee Kids Church 

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Kids Church Theme 2024 Super Sports Spectacular

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Bible Memory Verse

But don’t just listen to God’s word, you must do what I say. Otherwise you are only fooling yourselves - James 1:22 NLT

Bible Lesson

Mary and Martha --- Luke 10:38-41 NLT

Main Point

To Play On God's Team, I Should Pray and Read My Bible at Home!

Kids News

Print out your kids news to be ready for any reviews and draws at this week's Kids Church. If there are any draw coupons in the Kids' News, bring them to Kids Church to have a chance to win fun prizes!  Click here for the latest Kids News


How quiet are bowling alleys?
So quiet, you can hear a pin drop!

How do dodgeball players stay cool during the game?
They stay close to the fans!

What is a cheerleaders favourite food?

Why was the computer so good at golf?
It had a hard drive!